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Smart Tourism™

What is Smart Tourism?

Smart Tourism™ is a blending of web and mobile applications featuring software using artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information System Mapping (GIS) for use in software development, machine learning, and spatial and location recognition for the tourism industry.

In short, Smart Tourism™ is a holistic data-driven concept built on proven technology delivering a tool connecting tourists to the community.

Smart Tourism™ Key Takeaways

Real-time Data

  • Objective data informs decision-makers how to address needs

  • Enables intelligent decision-making

  • Relieves traffic to hotspots (points of interest) and infrastructure

  • Increases public safety with an understanding of tourist hotspot conditions

App & Dashboards

  • Provides clear communication

  • Integrates weather, alerts, learning, and offerings into one source

  • Integrates reservations to activities

  • Gathers data and feedback of experiences

Community Partnerships

  • Empowers communities to decide where they want tourists to visit

  • Provides and incentivizes decisions to make a positive community impact

  • Increases resident approval of the tourism industry

Indigenous, and Domestic Business Partnerships

  • Contributes to the growth of the community circular economy

  • Connects tourists to the indigenous community

  • Increases economic opportunity to indigenous and domestic businesses

  • Improves resident and visitor satisfaction through authentic and meaningful connections

The Hoʻomāhua Initiative

We are proud to be a stakeholder of the Hoʻomāhua Initiative to harness the power of Smart Tourism™ and regenerative tourism to create thriving communities. If you are working to create a positive community impact in Hawaii and are aligned to the values of integrity and uplifting other stakeholders, we urge you to consider joining us in our endeavor!

Click the link below to learn more about our initiative.

How we shaped the Concept

Identifying a problem, providing a solution

Smart Tourism™ addresses the problem of tourist overcrowding "hotspots" or heavily visited points of interest. Our solution came from the need to support East Maui residents inundated with over-tourism as *260,618 visitors came to Maui in June 2021 after loosening pandemic travel restrictions.

Both residents and tourists were asking for the same solution, real-time information of the islands' conditions; however, a real-time solution did not exist until now with Smart Tourism™.

Our goal is to put Hawaiʻi on the map as the world leader in Smart Tourism™. Our solution is highly scalable, modular, and replicable.

With Smart Tourism™, we envision a world where tourists can connect with indigenous communities and residents in a meaningful and engaging way. We foresee the tourism industry, government, and residents working in balance caring for the land, Moʻomeheu Hawaiʻi - Native Hawaiian culture, and the community's wishes. In addition, we envision local governments can make better data-based decisions on providing essential infrastructure and programs to develop their tourism markets.

*Hawaii Tourism Authority June 2021 report.

Trusted Technology

IoT Devices

Cutting edge 3D & AI technology

Our devices are used worldwide in critical infrastructure, hotels, casinos, art museums, tourist hotspots, government facilities, city traffic management, and more.

Using made in America IoT devices with centimeter-accurate human and animal eye-safe class 1 laser LiDAR technology and proprietary AI we are able to paint a 3D picture of space that enables tracking of 250+ objects simultaneously without gathering any PII (Personal Identifying Information) unless tied into a camera system with real-time data reporting through cellular or internet connections.

The image shown is a screenshot of a presentation conducted live during a demonstration at Twin Falls, Maui on 08/17/21. We were able to count over 300 vehicles entering the East Maui corridor between 8-9 AM while simultaneously tracking pedestrians. A clip of the presentation showing the IoT devices at work can be seen below.


The Science of Where - Integrated Apps & Dashboards

Built on the world-leading GIS platform with a team of experts, we are able to connect thousands of IoT devices reporting real-time data to dynamic mapping interfaces through mobile and web applications that provide tourists, residents, and decision-makers the ability to easily understand the environment of tourism across the State of Hawaiʻi.

The image shown is a mock-up dashboard able to be presented on any monitor for quick visualization of activities around Maui.

Virtual Learning

A space for learning through enriching content

Combining advanced mapping software and applications with indigenous stakeholders focused on delivering the stories, culture, and history from their perspective provides for amazing, authentic, engaging experiences that provide a deep sense of place to residents and visitors alike.

Click here to explore the Story Map of the Honokahua, an Ahupuaʻa (land division) within the Moku (District) of Lahaina on the Mokupuni (Island ) of Maui.

Smart Tourism™ IoT device demo - no audio


Paulo Faleafine Jr

Chief Executive Officer


Cell: 808-264-9887

Mail: 153 E. Kamehameha Ave STE 104 PMB 223, Kahului, HI 96732